COVID-19 : Legends Membership Update July 2020

Due to the current situation the Legends Rock and Roll and Community Club would like to offer all of our members the opportunity to take up membership renewal for 2020 – 2021 at a reduced cost of $20. New members can also take the opportunity to become members for the same cost.

There will however be no handling of cash payments as this time. All payments will need to be made in either of the following ways:

Direct Funds Transfer / Electronic Funds Transfer:
Please contact the Membership Officer (Patricia) on 0418851420 for our DFT / EFT details.

Cheque or Money Order sent to:
Membership Officer
PO Box 37
Greenacres SA 5086

The process for renewing or becoming a new member will be as follows:

Send an SMS message to Membership Officer (Patricia) on 0418851420. The message must include your name, membership number (if renewing), how you intend to pay and include the following statement: I have read and acknowledge the Waiver of Liability (see below for specific details).

Once SMS and payment has been received your membership will be processed. If you send a self stamped addressed envelope your card will be sent back to you. Otherwise your card can be collected once club events are up and running.

Waiver of Liability

Dancing is a physical sport and any physical activity has the potential for injury.

Such injury can be to yourself, or to others. The Legends Roc k and Roll and Community Club Inc.

Cannot be held responsible for any injuries members either (i) receive himself or herself or (ii) inflict on others

I  acknowledge

  • the potential for injury to yourself and/or others.
  • my understanding of this waiver of liability by The Legends Rock and Roll and Community Club Inc.
Membership Officer
Legends Rock and Roll Club

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