Gig Guide.

If you have any questions or booking inquiries in reference to our club nights please contact the Club President, Ann Sharkey on 045 809 5746 or the Club Secretary, Patricia Greaves on 041 885 1420.

Legends Rock & Roll Club 2021 Gig Guide.

Last Updated: 24th June 2021.

May 2021.
 Friday. 7th. Chartbusters.Slovenian Club.
 Friday. 21st. Workin’ Overtime.Slovenian Club.
 Sunday. 23rd. Kernewek Lowender:
Cadillacs and DJ Ron.
Kadina Oval.
June 2021.
 Friday. 4th. Rip It Up.Slovenian Club.
 Friday. 18th. The Patricks.Slovenian Club.
 Saturday. 26th.Chartbusters.Slovenian Club.
July 2021.
 Friday. 2nd. Midnight Shift.Slovenian Club.
 Friday. 16th. Bobby Hunter & The Rockin’ Dally Roos.Slovenian Club.
 Saturday. 24th. Xmas in July. Let’s Be Frank – Aaron Mansfield.Slovenian Club.
August 2021.
 Friday. 6th. Get Back.Slovenian Club.
 Friday. 20th. Charity Event with Workin’ Overtime.Slovenian Club.
 Sunday. 22nd. A.G.M.Slovenian Club.
September 2021.
 Friday. 3rd. The Rhythm Cats.Slovenian Club.
 Friday. 24th. Bobby Hunter & The Rockin’ Dally Roos.Slovenian Club.
October 2021.
 Friday. 1st. The Patricks.Slovenian Club.
 Friday. 15th. Runaway Boys.Slovenian Club.
 Saturday. 30th. Halloween – Wild Ones Reunion.Slovenian Club.
November 2021.
 Friday. 5th.Cadillacs and DJ Ron.Slovenian Club.
 Friday. 19th.The Rhythm Cats.Slovenian Club.
December 2021.
 Friday. 3rd. Midnight Shift.Slovenian Club.
 Saturday. 18th. Xmas Theme Show with Get Back.Slovenian Club.

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Members will be notified via SMS should any changes occur.

T.B.A. (To Be Advised.)