Midnight Shift at the Legends Rock ‘n’ Roll club 17.6.2022

Legends RnR Club Midnight Shift Adelaide.

What a fantastic night we had, the floor was hot rockin’ all night long with fantastic music provided by MIDNIGHT SHIFT a big THANK YOU and DJ Ron for the music in between, spinning his magic.

To those who helped set up the hall, and who helped clean up, many hands make light work, thank you.

To you the club members, family and friends, it’s always great seeing you and the wonderful support you give to your club.

Welcome to the many new faces last night, it was a pleasure meeting you all also some of the clubs previous members have returned, thank you for coming, hope you had a wonderful time dancing the night away.

The atmosphere was a buzz all night.

Thank you to the bar staff at the Slovenian Club for their wonderful support.

To the Committee many thank for your time in organising these events. Please stay well, safe and be kind to one another, until we meet again when we have GET BACK on the 1st July.

Midnight Shift Adelaide.

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