Rippin’ It Up at Legends 12th birthday Hawaiian luau

Legends 12th Birthday with Rip It Up.

What an absolutely fantastic start to the year for the Legends, who celebrated their 12th Birthday Celebrations today with a Hawaiian Theme, great variety of colour on the dance floor.

A BIG THANK YOU to RIP IT UP, what a brilliant line up you have with the band and DJ Ron for supplying the music all day long and to the dedicated and hard work of the Committee who put today together, our BBQ Chefs, those helping out at the front counter with raffle and half yearly membership, those who helped serve and were runners, making sure everything ran smoothly.

To you the Club Members and those who renewed or became new members today welcome and hope to see you enjoy our hospitality of good old fashion rock n roll, with good live bands and music.

To you the members past and present THANK YOU for your wonderful support over the year and showing your support at today’s event, looks like we will have another fantastic year.

Thank you also must go to the Slovenian Club for their wonderful support to the Legends over the years, the committee and bar staff have been just awesome.

Have a great week and looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor Friday night 17th January with GET BACK, stay safe and cool, be happy and kind to one another.

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Legends 12th Birthday with Rip It Up.


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree at Legends Rock and Roll Club 14-12-2019

Legends Rave On Christmas Show 2019.
None of us get to where we are alone.

Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone’s help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you.

What an amazing night we all had the last dance of the year went off with a big bang. Thank you to Rave On. and DJ Ron, what a turn out and so colourful.

You the Committee, Club Members and Friends have been extremely supportive this last twelve months, we must thank you for your support.

To the bands who make our night a huge success, many thanks, to the Slovenian Club committee and bar staff over the last year, thank you for your support to our club. Your commitment to this club and your commitment over the last year has been outstanding and how much we appreciate it.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Virgara from Virgara Winery, Patricia and to those from Make A Wish who attended last night.

The Legends Rock n Roll Club was extremely proud to present the Make-A-Wish Australia – Adelaide Branch with a cheque for $10,213.90. Thank you each and everyone for making a dream come true.

The Committee wishes a very Merry Christmas and a wonder safe New Year to club members family and friends, see you all in 2020.

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Rave On Adelaide.

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Rockin’ the Jukebox at Legends RnR Club – 06.12.2019

Rockin the Jukebox at Legends 2019.

What a fantastic night, the dance floor was hot all night long!

Fantastic entertainment provided by Rockin’ the Jukebox and DJ Ron. It was great to see you guys having as much fun as we were, THANK YOU.

To those who helped set up the hall and to those who helped clean up, thank you.

To you the club members, family and friends, many new faces last, thank you for you wonderful support. The atmosphere was buzzing all night long.

Thank you to the bar staff at the Slovenian Club for their wonderful support.

To the Committee many thanks for your time in organising these events.

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Rockin the Jukebox 2019.

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Legends Rock n Roll Club Christmas Picnic 24-11-2019

Legends Christmas Picnic 2019

Virgara winery grounds today were simply picture perfect!

Looking across the Virgara Winery grounds today what a spectacular sight, weather just beautiful, bands, good company, jolly ol’ Father Christmas,  children running here there and everywhere, and the mixture of colour on the dance floor was just vibrant.

The day was not complete without the cars that were on display many thanks to everyone who drove their cars to the venue for us, just awesome, especially to those who came from far and near.

To everyone who had a part in making today a wonderful success THANK YOU, especially to Father Christmas for coming and making the children happy, the vendors for providing Dutch pancakes, ice cream etc, the Rock and Roll dresses.

The Bands who donated their time today for a worthy cause, to Mark and Wayne (the Road Crew) who helped set up the stage for the bands and Andrew from Gawler Sound, the those who helped cook and serve the Legends famous sausage sizzle, to everyone who participated in the dance demos, thank you for your wonderful display.

Thank you, also goes to Make A Wish – Adelaide Branch volunteers who helped during the day, just fantastic. To DJ Ron, who had the logistics to put everything together, co-ordinating with bands their times and especially for making the day run so smoothly.

To the Legends committee and Legends club members who helped set up on Saturday the dance floor and the grounds and helped clean up today, the wonderful members who maned the gates for us all day and those who will be going to Virgara on Monday and dismantling the dance floor thank you for your wonderful support and help.

Save the date for next year 22nd November 2020.

Merry Christmas from the Legends Rock n Roll Club.

Merry Christmas to all our readers!


The Shakers with the Legends 15-11-2019

The Shakers at Legends 2019.

A truly fabulous night of entertainment with The Shakers and DJ Ron Adamic, the music was top range and the atmosphere just awesome, great to see new faces on the dance floor.

Thank you to Elvis Singer who made a guest appearance last night, doing some JOK numbers.

Hope to see you at our major fund raiser back to back weekend when we present Final Touch at the British Workingmen’s Club on Saturday 23rd and on the Sunday 24th at Virgara Winery for Make A Wish Adelaide.

Have a great weekend, stay and drive safe as you are all valued.

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The Shakers Adelaide.

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Final Touch kicks off our fundraising weekend Saturday 23rd November

Final Touch Adelaide Party Band.

The Legends Rock n Roll Club will be hosting another amazing back to back weekend on 23rd and 24th November 2019 for Make-A-Wish Adelaide.

Last year 2018 our first year for a back to back weekend was a huge success, many thanks in advance.

We kick off our fundraising weekend Saturday 23rd November with Final Touch live at the British Workingmen Club.

Final Touch Adelaide.

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Legends with The Lincolns 1-11-2019

Legends with the lincolns 2019.

Legends with The Lincolns was a hot rockin’ all night long!

A Big thank you to The Lincolns and DJ Ron, what an awesome night, fantastic atmosphere and loads of fun.

Thank you to the Slovenian Club for their wonderful support and to the bar people who serve drinks throughout the night, and the wonderful Kranzki night, very popular,  job well done.

It was wonderful to see so many new faces tonight and some that we haven’t seen for a while, welcome and we hope you enjoyed the night with us, to club members, family and friends, thank you for your support.

To those who helped set up/clean up, thank you, many hands make our night easier. Hope to see many club members and friends on Sunday at the Coast FM Open day, the Legends demo team will be there also, have a wonderful weekend take care and stay safe.

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Legends with the Lincolns 1-11-2019

What a finally, with the lovely Maya helping the boys out.

Posted by Legends Rock and Roll Community Club on Friday, 1 November 2019

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Legends Halloween Night with Rock n Roll Radio Hits 26-10-2019

Legends Halloween 2019.

We did the Monster Mash with Rock and Roll Radio Hits, it was a grave yard smash!

DJ Ron spun the tracks and tunes between the band sets for the night, also thank you to the boys from Radio Hits for selecting the best dress Halloween costume, THANK YOU, from start to finish the night was amazing.

Thank you to the Slovenian club staff who man the bar for us, you do a fantastic job.

THANK YOU to you the club members, family and friends who make these nights possible by attending and supporting your club.

A BIG thank you to those who dressed to impress on the night, we had the night covered with Vampires, skeletons, Bats and Spiders, Werewolf, etc, we also had protection in a variety of ways, always good to have, on a Halloween Night, as things do happen.

Those who didn’t make it to this event, you need to be prepared for the next one and get in early.

Thank you to the Committee for coordinating and organising the amazing decorations for the night, an enormous job and the place was a credit and delight to see.

To those who helped set up on Saturday morning and to the many club members who stayed back and help clean up many thanks, for those many hands as they say make light work for us, your help is greatly appreciated at the end of an evening.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, warm and safe weekend, until we meet again on the dance floor, as you are all very precious to us.

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