Legends Halloween Night with Rock n Roll Radio Hits 26-10-2019

Legends Halloween 2019.

We did the Monster Mash with Rock and Roll Radio Hits, it was a grave yard smash!

DJ Ron spun the tracks and tunes between the band sets for the night, also thank you to the boys from Radio Hits for selecting the best dress Halloween costume, THANK YOU, from start to finish the night was amazing.

Thank you to the Slovenian club staff who man the bar for us, you do a fantastic job.

THANK YOU to you the club members, family and friends who make these nights possible by attending and supporting your club.

A BIG thank you to those who dressed to impress on the night, we had the night covered with Vampires, skeletons, Bats and Spiders, Werewolf, etc, we also had protection in a variety of ways, always good to have, on a Halloween Night, as things do happen.

Those who didn’t make it to this event, you need to be prepared for the next one and get in early.

Thank you to the Committee for coordinating and organising the amazing decorations for the night, an enormous job and the place was a credit and delight to see.

To those who helped set up on Saturday morning and to the many club members who stayed back and help clean up many thanks, for those many hands as they say make light work for us, your help is greatly appreciated at the end of an evening.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, warm and safe weekend, until we meet again on the dance floor, as you are all very precious to us.

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