The Original Wild Ones – Halloween 2021

Legends RNR Club Adelaide 11-2021

What can be said about last night with the Original Wild Ones one off reunion at the Legends with our Halloween Theme night, the place was packed and the dance floor hot rockin’ all night long.

It was dress to impress and once again club members and friends have done a wonderful job of making our Halloween night a fantastic success, thank you to everyone who took the time too evolve with the theme.

Thank you to The Original Wild Ones, DJ Ron for supplying the music to dance the night away, the bar staff at the Slovenian Club, to you the club members, family and friends, who have made tonight possible by your wonderful support.

Everyone wanted more at the end of the night, so the band played on. A fantastic band and wonderful entertainers, as David said we’ll crank up the music and they most certainly did, a night to remember.

To those who helped set up in the morning and those that helped clean and tidy up tonight, thank you for your help, many hands make light work.

The Committee and helpers, once again your support is outstanding. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, hope to see you all on the dance floor when we have The Cadillacs, stay well and be kind to one another.

The Original Wild Ones Adelaide 11-2021


The Adelaide Cadillacs at the Legends 50’s Rock n Roll Club – 16-8-2019

An amazing night  with the Cadillacs & DJ Ron!

The house was pumping and the dance floor was packed all night long, a BIG THANK YOU to the Caddies for reminiscing songs of the late and King of song and films Elvis on his anniversary last night with DJ Ron also spinning some songs of the great man.

A stunning and breathtaking night with you the club members and friends who made this night possible, many thanks for your support, to those new faces and pass members who attended last night, it took my breath away.

Thank you to Ann for making all the cut out figures hanging around the room, they looked awesome, making it appear that the man himself was behind the curtain.

To the Slovenian Club, Adelaide bar staff thank you, to those who helped set/clean up many thanks.

To Andrew from Gawler Sound and last but not least tireless road crew Mark thank you, as always you have things well in hand with the sound system.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!

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The Cadillacs Adelaide Aug 2019.The Adelaide Cadillacs on Facebook.