Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Hits Back to School at Legends 24.4.2021

The school bell rang and the class of 2021 was bought to order with the National Anthem starting the school year.

Lots of fun was had with the school band Radio Hits, who dressed and got into the atmosphere, with class members.

Recess was distributed by the school monitors to the students.
Many thanks to those who dressed and had fun with a lot of laughter.

What an absolutely back in time going Back To School was last night.

A big thank you to Rock and Roll Radio Hits, what an amazing and versatile band had the dance floor hot rockin’ all night and our DJ Ron, keeping the music going, and the students wanted more. Alas it was home time.

Thank you the Legends Committee and Club members who helped set up and clean up last night, the Slovenian Club bar staff, outstanding once again.

Many thanks to you the club members and guests who came and enjoyed the night, your support is fantastic.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and week, until we meet again on the 7th May with Chartbuster, stay well and safe.

Click here to see the full photo gallery of the back to school night.

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