The best of British UK Blitz Theme Night 31-8-2019

UK Blits Legends UK theme night.

The night opened with the arrival of HRH Queen Rita for the UK BLITZ British Theme Night, to God Save The Queen and Rule Britannia and everyone being up standing, whilst the new Committee Members were received.

Then the night began with a concert like feeling, having this very impressive talented band UK BLITZ entertaining us all night long with songs from the variety British pop groups, THANK YOU GUYS!

DJ Ron spinning tunes in between, the floor was jam packed all night long. The night ended with a standing ovation from club members and friends, requesting the band for more.

A BIG THANK YOU to you the club members and friends, who made this night so successful, the support you are giving your club is breathtaking. To the bar staff your support is outstanding and we thank you.

Last but not least, need to thank DJ Ron roadies Ash and Wazza, who always help him pack up and load up his ute after a nights gig Remember be early for our next theme night, being Halloween.

Have a great day stay warm and safe, until we meet again.

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