Workin’ Overtime at the Legends R’n’R club social night 21.5.2021

Legends Rock n Roll Social Night June 2021.

If you were working 9 to 5, we hope you came to the Legends for some Workin’ Overtime with this fantastic band, what an amazing talent we had last night, the dance floor was full, thank you for a very entertaining night and fantastic music.

Thank you to DJ Ron for spinning the tunes in between for us to enjoy the night away. To you the Club Members and those new members who joined last night and friends, thank you for your wonderful support, you guys are outstanding.

Thank you to those who set up/cleaned up to the bar staff an awesome job. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Those who are heading up to Kadina for the Kernewek Lowender – Cornish Festival this weekend, safe travels there and back, until we meet on the dance floor on the 4th June with RIP IT UP, stay safe and well.

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Workin Overtime Adelaide.

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